November 11 Newsletter

New Events November 11 Newsletter  A special thanks to all the veterans out there. Though we recognize you on this day, our appreciation for what you did is year round. Topeka to Auburn Kick off Event: Gary Gribble’s is hosting a T2A kick off event on Thursday, November 18 at 6 PM. Saucony shoe… Continue reading November 11 Newsletter

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November 7 Newsletter

New Events November 7 Newsflash  Where did they go? Those Striders who have been doing track workouts on Tuesday nights have moved to a new place,time, and workout ! They will be meeting at McClellan Parkby the Governor’s mansion (just west of 6th and Fairlawn) at 5 PM for everybody’s favorite ” Hill Workouts”.… Continue reading November 7 Newsletter

November 4 Newsletter

New Events November 4 Newsletter  Gift Giving: Concerned about stores running out of stuff before you do your Christmas shopping? Having trouble deciding what to give your favorite Sunflower Strider? Well we have the answer! How about giving an entry into the Topeka to Auburn Half Marathon or membership to the Striders? Or both?… Continue reading November 4 Newsletter

October 28 Newsletter

New Events October 28 Newsletter  BIG CONGRATULATIONS: Here’s to all of the participants in their school’s cross country teams. For some the season is over and for some the state competition lies ahead. Regardless, congratulations ! Oh by the way, we as Sunflower Striders donate some of the proceeds from the T2A Half Marathon… Continue reading October 28 Newsletter

October 21 Newsletter

New Events October 21 Newsletter  BIG CONGRATULATIONS: Congratulations to Brad and Marla for completing their quest of running a marathon in all 50 states. They completed their quest last weekend (October 16/17 ) in New Jersey. Again congratulations to Brad and Marla for accomplishing this awesome feat. What we are: Paul sent this link… Continue reading October 21 Newsletter

October 14 Newsletter

New Events October 14 Newsletter  Best Wishes: We have been told that Brad and Marla are going to New Jersey this weekend to complete their quest to run a marathon in all 50 states. Good running to you Marla and Brad. Please let us know how the run went. Walk with a Doc: Stormont… Continue reading October 14 Newsletter

October 7 Newsletter

New Events October 7 Newsletter  Two exciting things are happening for us Striders. First, we have a new website that is full of information and events pertaining to the Sunflower Striders. More info on it is coming in newsletters, but please go visit it at Second, info about the 2022 Topeka to Auburn… Continue reading October 7 Newsletter

September 30 Newsletter

New Events September 30 Newsletter  Ups and Downs: by Les Watson I am enrolled in several Facebook running groups. I do this so I have sources where I can steal from/plagiarize for articles in this newsletter. One of the common questions is how to handle hills when you are out running. Spectrum is from… Continue reading September 30 Newsletter

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September 23 Newsletter

New Events September 23 Newsletter  Into Fall: by Les Watson Well, yesterday was the first day of Fall. Just like that someone switched the weather from Summer to Fall.Those hot, muggy days of Summer that forced us to get up way early or go indoors to the “dreadmill” all of sudden are behind us.… Continue reading September 23 Newsletter

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